About Me

I'm Matthew, a full stack web developer and system administrator. I am a computer science student with years of experience in development and system security


My first programming experience was in 2012 with C#, from there I have expanded to more languages and more applications. I spent the majority of my time, 2014-2017, coding plugins in Java for the popular Minecraft platform, Bukkit. I started web development in 2016 with PHP and have since progressed to making full-stack web applications with JS frameworks and Node.

System Administration

My first experience with Linux was on an original Raspberry Pi, where I learned the ins-and-outs of the terminal, and the Unix environment. Ever since, I have spent countless hours learning my way around various distributions and their mechanics. I am comfortable on many variations, but I specialize with Ubuntu and Debian based systems. I have setup hundreds of servers, equipped with various services including web, VoIP, and game servers.

Internet Security

Through web development and system administration, I have learned exactly what it takes to minimize and eliminate the risks of opening a system or service to the internet. I have a strong understanding of DNS, HTTP, and various encryption methods. I have years of experience maintaining firewalls and routing tables to manage internet traffic and increase security.