Custom Websites
Do to higher than usual demand, I am not able to start any new projects at this time!
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It's lightning fast
Provided are all of the latest technologies to make the fastest websites available. No more full refreshes after switching pages and near instant interactions and responses. Everything is optimized from low bundle sizes to vector images where possible.
Here's how it's done
Single Page App Instant page switching without refreshes after interactions
Server Side Rendering Presents all of the requested data on first render
HTTP/2 Push Prevents unnecessary round-trips by sending all data at once
WebSockets Reduces data usage and latency by using a 2-way connection
Security By Design
With critical user data being stored in your website, security can never come second. Authentication is custom built using the Industry Standard encryption methods.
Here's how it's done
Password Hashing Prevents user passwords form being stolen even in a database leak
HTTP Only Tokens Presents user tokens from being stolen by malicious scripts or extensions
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